On June 26, the match of the 1/8 final of the European Football Championship 2020 between the national teams of Wales and Denmark will take place. We offer you a forecast for this meeting.


The Welsh national team is a real example of a strong middle man. A very tenacious, stubborn and unyielding team that can catch the opponent on the counterattack. In addition, do not forget about Gareth Bale. This guy can fool around all game, and then score the ball. Most likely, in the game against Denmark, the Welsh will play the second number and will bet on a quick lunge.


The Danish national team experienced the full range of emotions in the group stage. First there was shock and stupor in the game with Finland, then disappointment and resentment in the match with Belgium, and, in the end, joy and triumph in the match against Russia. The Danes have shown that they can and love to play as the first number, and not only forwards, but also defenders are able to score goals there. What is only a terrible cannon from Andreas Christensen in the Safonov gate. In general, Denmark looks stronger than Wales here.

Injuries and disqualifications:


Statistics and figures:

  • Wales have won one of their last five matches;
  • Denmark has two wins in the last five games;
  • In 2018, Wales and Denmark met in the Nations League, and the Danes won both times 2-0 and 2-1.


The first game of the playoffs will almost certainly be as cautious as possible. Teams will be afraid to make a mistake, after all, now there is no right to make a mistake. The Danish national team seems to be the favorite here, but we do not believe that they will force the game from the first half. We bet that the first half will end with a score of 0-0.