In the next match of the 15th round of the Dutch championship, Waalwijk will host Nijmegen. Will someone be able to break a winless streak?


"Waalwijk" is still outside the relegation zone, but cannot feel comfortable, as it occupies the 15th place bordering the zone of transitional matches, having only twelve points. In total, the Lions have two victories, one of which was won in the match of the 10th round over Sparta (1-0), and after that a winless streak began, which already counts four games. In two of them there were defeats - 0:1 from Cambyur and 0:5 from Ajax, and two more ended in a draw - 1:1 with Groningen and 0:0 with Zwolle. 


At the end of October, Nijmegen beat Twente 2-1, which marked the beginning of a winless streak. Then there was a victory over Groningen (3-0) and two draws - 1:1 with Heerenveen and AZ. And in the last round, it was not possible to replenish the point reserves, the culprit was "Cambyur", who won with a score of 3-2. "Nijmegen" continues to fight for European cups, being three points away from the seventh position. 

Injuries and disqualifications:

Ukili (injury) - "Waalwijk". Van Eijden (knee injury) - Nijmegen. 
Under question:
Van der Wenne (knee injury), Min (injury), Pereira (hernia) - Waalwijk. De Wolf (injury) - Nijmegen. 

Statistics and figures:

  • "Waalwijk" four rounds without a win;
  • Nijmegen lost in one of the last five rounds;
  • Waalwijk won against Nijmegen in the previous two head-to-head matches.


"Waalwijk" urgently needs to change something, since points are rarely scored, and lately more often due to draws, and if this goes on, it will not be possible to avoid falling into the relegation zone. In the reported confrontation, the "lions" should gather and impose a fight on the not-sinful "Nijmegen". I think that the hosts are able to catch on at least for a draw.