In the next meeting of the men's volleyball League of Nations, the players of the national teams of Canada and Australia will come face to face. Which side will win this match?


The Canadian squad in the current season of the volleyball League of Nations is not performing in the best way. At the moment, the North American national team is located on the 12th line in the standings, with 16 points to its credit. It is worth noting that the "maple" leaves at this point in time have a 3-match winning streak to their credit, and, judging by the mood, they are not going to stop there. The plans are to take a place in the top ten, which North Americans, of course, can still count on.


The Australian team is holding a completely incompetent tournament. In Italy, the team of nominal guests did not show anything interesting, losing in 12 matches out of 13 played. The only victory came in the match against Iran, where Australia won against the opponent only on the tiebreak. In the rest of the meetings, the Australians invariably lost with a score of 1: 3 or 2:3. It is worth noting that at the moment Australia has a 3-match series of defeats.

Statistics and figures:

  • Canada is a clear favorite of the game;
  • The Canadian team has a 3-match winning streak;
  • The Australians have lost their last 3 matches;
  • The previous face-to-face meeting of the opponents ended with a score of 3: 1 in favor of Canada.


On the eve of the national team of Australia was able to hook a set in the match with Serbia, but each of the games ended on "total less". Even if Australia manage to win one set in this match, it will not be possible to break the overall total for the game, given the fact that their opponents are in such good shape.