The Turkish national volleyball team will play in the central match of the volleyball League of Nations against the United States. On whose side will the victory be in this confrontation? On which side will there be victories in this confrontation?


In a face-to-face meeting, the first two teams of the competition meet. The US national team is still without cut-offs in the League of Nations. In 11 previous meetings, the Americans managed to win 11 victories without losing a single point. Moreover, the Stars and Stripes lost only 2 sets in the entire tournament. In the last match, the USA managed to defeat the Japanese national team with a score of 3: 0. The Americans continue to confidently go to their goal and claim victory in the current pre-Olympic tournament.


The Turkish national team also performs at a good level in the tournament this season. At the moment, this team is on the second line in the League of Nations standings, having 24 points in its asset, obtained as a result of 9 victories. 2 defeats occurred with the Turkish women in 4 previous meetings. By the way, the failures occurred in the games against the Dominican Republic (1:3) and Japan (1:3). These misfires made us think about whether the Turkish women are ready to compete with the leader of the tournament on an equal footing?

Statistics and figures:

  • Team USA is a clear favorite of the meeting;
  • The USA won all 11 matches of the tournament;
  • Turkey won the last meeting with the United States with a score of 3: 0;
  • The USA won 4 out of 5 games against Turkey.


Let's assume that Turkey and the United States will tighten their game, and this match will be more than 3 sets. I advise you to bet on the passage of the base total of 179.5 points. We will worry about the results in this meeting.