In the 1/16 finals at the Antalya tournament, South Korean tennis player Lee Dak-hee will play against Hungarian Fabian Marozhan.

Lee Dak-hee

The 23-year-old representative of South Korea tried his hand in Turkey last week, but lost in the first match. In the 1/16 finals, Lee Dak-hee lost to the Spaniard Eduardo Esteva - 2:6; 3:6.

Fabian Marojan

The 22-year-old representative of Hungary, as we remember, played well at the very beginning of November at the tournament in Bergamo, where he reached the semifinals. At the end of November, Fabian Marojan, as part of the national team, played at the Davis Cup against Croatian Nino Serdarusic. The meeting turned out to be a battle, but in the end Serdarusic was stronger in two sets - 6:4; 6:4.


Fabian Marozhan plays very well on the ground, but Lee Dak-hee did not show himself at all last week. Unless some unforeseen circumstances happen, the Hungarian should confidently win this match, and therefore we propose to put less than 20.5 games on the total.