In the 1/16 finals at the tournament in Antalya, we are waiting for the confrontation of Ukrainian tennis players between Georgy Kravchenko and Vladislav Orlov.

Georgy Kravchenko

The 21-year-old representative of Ukraine tried to qualify for the tournament in Italy last week, but he failed to qualify for Forli. In the semi-finals of qualification Kravchenko beat the Italian Riccardo Ercolani - 6:2; 6:4. But in the final of qualification, George could not cope with Aldine Shetkich from Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6:7 (4:7); 4:6.

Vladislav Orlov

And this 26-year-old Ukrainian, in turn, has been playing in Antalya since last week. But at the last tournament he also failed to break into the main draw. In the semi - finals of the qualification , Orlov beat the representative of Turkey Koray Kirsi – 6:3; 7:6 (7:4). But in the qualifying final Vladislav could not cope with Oliver Crawford from the USA - 3:6; 4:6.

Georgy Kravchenko and Vladislav Orlov have played together four times in the last two years. So far, there is equality in victories in this confrontation. This year, the tennis players played with each other twice, and it was at the very beginning and at the very end of October. In the first match at the clay tournament in Barcelona, Kravchenko won in two sets - 6:4; 6:1. But at the end of October at the tournament in Tenerife there was a sensation and the victory in two sets was already celebrated by Orlov – 7:6 (8:6); 6:2.


Bookmakers consider Georgy Kravchenko to be the clear favorite in this confrontation, maybe he is stronger, but last week Orlov already played on the ground, but Kravchenko also played hard. Switching to another coating will certainly make itself felt, perhaps Orlov will not be able to make another sensation, but he is quite capable of imposing a good fight. Based on this, we propose to put more than 21.5 games on the total.