Tiago Monteiro and Laszlo Gyere will meet in the 1/16 final of the ATP Geneva. Who will continue to participate in the tournament?

Tiago Monteiro

Tiago Monteiro is on the 78th line of the world ranking and is trying to break into the list of the best 50 tennis players. So far, this has not been possible, and the results have recently been extremely negative. In his last eight matches, Thiago has lost six times. During this time, he took part in six tournaments, and only two of them managed to win in the first games: he reached the 1/8 finals at the ATP Buenos Aires, and also overcame the semifinals of the ATP Rome qualification, but lost in the final qualifying meeting. 

Laszlo Gyere

Laszlo Gyere is higher in the ranking - on the 54th position, and the results are almost the same as Monteiro. In the last four tournaments, Laszlo lost in the first round, winning only two sets out of ten played. Before these misfires, Gyere showed himself very well in the framework of the ATP Cagliari, being a step away from the trophy-he lost in the final confrontation to Lorenzo Sonego (6-2, 6-7, 4-6). 

Statistics and figures:

  • Thiago Monteiro has lost in six of his last eight games;
  • Laszlo Gyere has a 4-match losing streak;
  • Laszlo Gyere approaches the match as the favorite. 


Both tennis players have not achieved serious results for a long time, so they will try to break the negative series at the current tournament, and in the reporting match they will cling to victory until the end. I bet on a total of more than 22.5 games.