In the 1/16 challenger finals in Portugal, Russian tennis player Ivan Gakhov will play against Aziz Dugaz from Tunisia.

Aziz Dugaz

The 24-year-old Tunisian representative played at a tournament in Antalya last week. In Turkey, Dugaz played unsuccessfully and lost already in the 1/16 finals to Nick Hardt from the Dominican Republic - 2:6; 2:6.

Ivan Gakhov

The 25-year-old Russian tennis player was also in Turkey last week. In Antalya, in the 1/16 finals, Gakhov immediately faced a fairly strong opponent. Against Louis Wessels from Germany, Gakhov was able to impose a relatively good fight – 2:6; 7:6 (7:3); 0:3 and then Ivan refused to continue the fight.


Ivan Gakhov is considered a slight favorite in this match, but the form of tennis players is far from the best now, and therefore Gakhov does not have to wait for a simple match. We suggest that you bet more than 21.5 games on the total.