On Sunday, the second stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing, which will be held in Lillehammer, Norway, will end. We bring to your attention the forecast for the men's 4 x 7.5 km relay.

The Norwegian national team manages to dominate on home soil, although this should not be some kind of sensation, because for Norwegians this is a crucial stage in terms of the distribution of Olympic licenses among athletes. In Saturday's individual race, the entire podium turned out to be Norwegian. In total, there were 9 Norwegians in the top 12. Given this form of the Scandinavians, there is practically no doubt that both Norwegian teams will be on the podium and in the relay.

The Russian national team should also perform well in this relay. Despite the results of the individual race, the Russians passed the first half of the distance well, but they did not have enough stamina for the last 5 kilometers, where everyone had a strong drop in speed. In the relay, the coaches should gather those who are in optimal shape in the first team, and the team will probably also take a place on the podium.