On the second competitive day of the first stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing, individual classic style races will take place in the Finnish Arm. In the first of them, the strongest will be revealed by men. We bring to your attention the forecast for this race.

The start of the Olympic season has shown that even men can expect loud sensations. Alexander Bolshunov, due to an unpleasant injury, failed to prepare properly for the season, and Johannes Klebo looked somehow heavy in sprint competitions, despite the fact that they were considered his crown. The young Russian Alexander Terentyev, on whom no one bet, won the day before. Bookmakers see Niskanen as the favorite in the individual race. But the Norwegians are certainly determined to recoup after Friday's defeat to the Russian. Let's risk betting on the success of the experienced Hans Holunn for a very tempting coefficient.

In duels, a bet against Bolshunov, who is clearly not in the best condition, suggests itself. Out of desperation, Alexander did not even want to talk to journalists, fleeing from them by actually fleeing after a failed sprint, where he did not even reach the semifinals. But Klebo still showed in the sprint final that he is still able to add, and if it were not for Terentyev's mind-blowing spurt, it would have been Johannes in this race in the yellow jersey of the leader of the season. In distance races, fans of the Russian national team should expect success primarily from Yakimushkin, who was second in the small standings last season, losing only to Bolshunov. In the duel, we will put two more Russians, Ustyugov and Maltsev, on the latter, since Sergei had a serious drop in speed even at the sprint distance, and here 15 km.