Denmark and Norway will face off in the match of the 1/4 finals of the OI-2020. On whose side will luck turn out to be?


Denmark made it to the playoffs from the first place, having won four victories with one defeat. The only loss happened in the final game of the group stage (30-33 from Sweden), which did not solve anything for the Danes, because they would not have gone anywhere from the first position. As for the victories, they were won over Japan (47-30), Egypt (32-27), Bahrain (31-21) and Portugal (34-28). 


The Norwegians did not perform very confidently before the Olympics, and they did not change themselves, starting from the first rounds to alternate victories with defeats and did not stop until the upcoming match. In total, Norway won three victories, and lost twice. After the victory over Brazil (27-24), there was a defeat from Spain (27-28), then there was a success in the duel with Argentina (27-23), and after the loss to Germany (23-28). And, following the trend, the Norwegians completed the group stage with a victory over France (32-29). 

Statistics and figures:

  • Denmark won four times in the group stage with one defeat;
  • Norway won in three games with two lost;
  • Norway won against Denmark in one of the previous seven games. 


The Danes are approaching the match in the status of favorites and, as it seems to me, they will be able to confirm it and achieve victory, since at this stage they are simply stronger.