Spain and China will meet in the next quarterfinal match of the OI-2020. A confident victory of the Spanish women?

Spain (w)

The Spanish women in the group stage became the second in terms of performance and the second in terms of defense. The Netherlands showed themselves better in attack, and Australia gave out a more reliable game in defense. However, the Spaniards were able to beat these two teams in the main-in the standings, taking first place. Spain, the Netherlands and Australia got an equal number of points (six each), but the difference in goals scored and conceded, obtained as a result of the face-to-face battles of this trio, turned out to be Spain. 

China (w)

The Chinese women started the Olympics with two defeats, and only then realized that there were only two matches left and they could stay without the playoffs, so they quickly pulled themselves together and blocked two negative results with two victories. First, they coped with Japan (16-11), and in the final round they beat Hungary (11-9). As a result, the Chinese women scored four points and placed in the fourth position. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Spain (w) won three victories with one defeat;
  • China (w) has won the last two games;
  • Spain (w) won against China (w) in the last seven face-to-face matches. 


The Chinese women began to win only in the second part of the group stage, but the victory over Hungary in the last round hardly deserves much attention, because the Hungarians did not have motivation, since they still entered the playoffs, and from a comfortable second place. But the Spaniards performed consistently well in every game, and I see no reason for anything to change in the first elimination match.