Viktor Axelsen and Long Chen will meet as part of the final badminton match at the OI-2020. Who will try on a medal of the highest standard?

Victor Axelsen

The Dane Viktor Akselsen very confidently reached the final match, having won five victories before him. In each of the matches, Viktor dealt with his opponents in two sets. First, he won the group stage, and then he began to knock out one opponent after another from the Olympics in the playoffs. Tsu Wei Wang (21-16, 21-14), Yu Ki Shi (21-13, 21-13) and Kevin Cordon (21-18, 21-11) took turns from Axelsen's racket. 

Long Chen

But the representative of China's path to the final match turned out to be more difficult, since in two matches out of five he had to fight in three sets. If in the group stage, Long Chen won twice 2-0, against Raul Mast and Pablo Abian, then in the 1/8 finals and in the 1/4, victories were obtained in the third sets: over Zee Lee Jia and Tien Chen Chow. And in the semifinals Long Chen decided not to play with fate and gave up the third set, outplaying Anthony Shinisuku Ginting with the score 2-0 (21-16, 21-11). 

Statistics and figures:

  • Viktor Axelsen won ten sets without giving up a single one;
  • Long Chen won in ten sets with two losses;
  • In the last ten face-to-face battles, Viktor Axelsen has won four victories with six defeats.


Viktor Akselsen performs incredibly powerfully at the current Olympics, without losing a single game, but it seems to me that the time has come for Long Chen to change the situation. It is difficult to say whether the Dane will be able to win in the end, but the match must be productive, since the opponents are approximately equal and incredibly strong at the moment.