As part of one of the matches of the 1/2 final of the Olympic football tournament in Tokyo, the players of the US and Canadian national teams will come face to face. On whose side will the victory be in this confrontation?

USA (w)

The US national team was able to make it to the playoffs of the tournament, although after losing in the first round to Sweden (0:3), doubts began to arise about this. The winner of all the world championships and the 4-time Olympic champion in the second round dismantled New Zealand (6: 1), after which they again misfired with the Australians, drawing 0: 0. A serious test was waiting for the Americans in the quarterfinals, in the match against the Netherlands. In the main time, the opponents played a draw. Here it is worth noting the fact that Martens could not realize her 11-meter shot in the 81st minute, but already in the penalty shootout, the "stars and stripes" were on top and were able to win-3: 2 on pen.

Canada (w)

At the OI-2016 in Rio, the Canadian team was able to win the second set of bronze awards, and it may well repeat such success in Tokyo. In the first match of the tournament, the Canadian team started with a draw in the game with Japan (1: 1), after which it was barely able to defeat Chile (2:1). The most difficult match turned out to be against Great Britain, in which the North American women played a draw (1:1), which sent the team to the playoffs. In the 1/4 finals, the Canadian women's team was able to resist in the main time in a duel with Brazil, but in the penalty shootout it was able to take its ticket to the semifinals – 1: 0 (pen.).

Statistics and figures:

  • The USA is the favorite of the meeting;
  • The US national team has a 3-match series without defeats;
  • Canada has an 8-match unbeaten streak;
  • The last face-to-face meeting between the rivals ended with a 1-0 victory for the United States.


Most likely, the US team will be able to win in this confrontation. The Stars and Stripes show a good level of football and after losing to Sweden they go smoothly, winning from match to match.