Australia will face off with Kazakhstan in the framework of the 5th round of the group stage of the OI-2020. Will Kazakhstan be able to score the first points?


After the victory in the second round over Croatia (11-8), it seemed that the Australians would not miss their chance and would definitely get into the top 4, leaving the group. However, in the next two matches there were defeats-8: 14 from Serbia and 5:16 from Spain, which led to the fact that for the round before the end of the group stage, Australia was left without a play-off, because it has only two points, and Montenegro, which is in fourth place, to which Australia lost in the first round (10-15), has two points more, and in case of equality of points, there will be an advantage due to a victory in a full-time game. 


Kazakhstan is also preparing for the final match at the 2020 Olympic Games, which goes without points at all, having lost in all four rounds. The best result of Kazakhstan at the current Olympics is a defeat against Montenegro with a score of 12-19, and in the other three games the losses were more painful: 7-23 from Croatia, 5-19 from Serbia and 4-16 from Spain. If Kazakhstan beats Australia, it will bypass it and finish fifth, which is no joy, but joy. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Australia won in one match out of four;
  • Kazakhstan has not scored points yet - defeats in all four rounds;
  • Australia won against Kazakhstan in all four extreme matches. 


I don't think that Kazakhstan will be able to slam the door loudly and win. It is more likely that the Australians will achieve a major victory and, having been left without the playoffs, will receive at least some portion of positive emotions.