As part of the 5th round of the group stage of the OI-2020, the women's national teams of the Netherlands and Montenegro will meet. Which of the neighbors in the standings will take over? 

Netherlands (w)

Having lost in the previous round to Norway with a score of 27-29, the Netherlands lost their chances for first place in Group A, because the Norwegians broke away by two points and now have an advantage due to full-time play, if the number of points is equal in the end. Before losing to Norway, the "orange" beat Angola (37-28), South Korea (43-36) and Japan (32-41), thanks to which they occupy second place, and in the worst case they will fall to third. 

Montenegro (w)

But Montenegro came to the final round with two misfires, which were made in the confrontations with Norway (23-35 defeat) and Japan (26-29). But in the games with Angola and South Korea, the Montenegrins did not make mistakes, winning 33-22 and 28-26, respectively. If the Netherlands does not fall below the 3rd place, then Montenegro will not fall out of the top four, and in the most terrible situations it will finish fourth. 

Statistics and figures:

  • The Netherlands (w) won three victories with one defeat;
  • Montenegro (w) won in two matches and lost in two;
  • The Netherlands (w) and Montenegro (w) met each other four times: 2 wins each.


The Netherlands are the favorites, and they also have motivation-they want to finish second, and for this it is necessary to win, which, as it seems to me, they will do.