Japan and South Africa will meet in one of the matches of the 5th round of the group stage of the OI-2020. Which of the Group A outsiders will be stronger?


In the previous match, the Japanese lost to Italy with a score of 8-16 and lost their chances of getting out of the group. After four matches, the hosts of the Olympics still have zero points, and the US team in fourth position has four. In addition to losing to Italy, the Japanese also lost to the same Americans (13-15), Hungarians (11-16) and Greeks (9-10). As you can see, in the game with the United States and Greece, Japan could well win, but there was not enough luck somewhere, skill somewhere,and somewhere both. 

South Africa

The same situation is with the Africans, who lost in all the games and will compete for prestige in the final round of the group stage and will try to finish the Olympics with at least one victory. However, there is very little chance of this, because the Africans are even inferior to the Japanese in class, and in each of the lost matches they did not have the slightest chance of success, losing very, very big: 2-21 Italy, 3-20 USA, 1-23 Hungary, 5-28 Greece. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Japan lost in the previous four rounds;
  • South Africa lost in all four rounds, conceding 92 goals;
  • Japan won against South Africa in four head-to-head confrontations. 


Finally, the Japanese still have to win and close the home Olympics with a positive and very confident result. I believe that the Africans will again suffer a defeat, and again a major one.