The women's national teams of China and Belgium will meet in the match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the OI-2020. On whose side will luck turn out to be?

China (w)

If in the first match the Chinese women easily dealt with Puerto Rico, winning with a score of 97-55, then in the second they had to try pretty hard to achieve a second victory in the group stage and secure an exit to the playoffs. The most difficult match was against Australia: the teams won two victories in the quarters, but the Chinese women scored a little more in total, who managed to score 76 points against 74. 

Belgium (w)

But the Belgian national team performed confidently in both matches and did not make them doubt their superiority. First, a comfortable victory was obtained over Australia (85-70), and then it was easily possible to cope with Puerto Rico (87-52). Even if Belgium loses to Australia, it will still enter the playoffs directly, from the second place, as it won in face-to-face games against Australia and Puerto Rico, who are behind.

Statistics and figures:

  • China (w) won in five extreme matches;
  • Belgium (w) won in three of the previous four games;
  • China (w) and Belgium (w) have met each other once, in 2019 in a friendly match - Belgium (w) won with a score of 64:56. 


I bet on a total of more than 147.5, since it is dangerous to climb into the outcome, both China and Belgium can win, but both sides should throw a lot.