The women's national teams of the USA and Russia will meet in one of the matches of the 4th round of the group stage of the OI-2020. On whose side will luck turn out to be?

USA (w)

The American women started at the Olympics with two confident victories, beating Japan (25-4) and China (12-7) in turn. But it did not work out to bring the matter to the third Victoria in a row - a defeat from the Hungarian national team with a score of 9-10. Despite the misfire in the previous round, the Americans still remain at the head of Group B, with four points and ahead of Hungary and Russia by one point. 

Russia (w)

In the first round, the Russians fought with the Chinese women and jointly gave out a very effective duel, in which almost every attack ended with a goal throw-18: 17 in favor of Russia. But the Russians could not win in the second round, however, they avoided defeat - a rare draw in water polo, with a score of 10: 10. Thus, it turns out that Russia will hold only the third match at the Olympics, and the United States is already the fourth. 

Statistics and figures:

  • USA (w) won in two games out of three;
  • Russia (w) has not lost yet: a win and a draw;
  • USA (w) are the clear favorites of the match.


The American women approach the match in the status of clear favorites, which the bookmakers agree with, offering a tiny coefficient of 1.10 for their Victoria. However, I suggest that you believe in the Russians and bet on their success with a handicap of +5.5. Maybe the United States will win, but they definitely should not smash Russia with a difference of six goals or more.