Japan will play Spain in the 4th round of the group stage of the OI-2020. Which of the Group A outsiders will be stronger?


In the previous round, the Japanese drew 2-2 with New Zealand, thanks to which they scored the first point. Before that, the hosts of the Olympics lost 1-2 to Argentina, and also turned out to be weaker than Australia (3-5). The position of the Japanese is the most difficult, because two rounds before the end of the group stage, they occupy the fifth place and are three points away from the playoff zone. 


The same situation is with the Spaniards, who also scored only one point out of nine possible and were located outside the playoff zone, in the last sixth position. As for the results, Spain began its performance at the OI-2020 with a draw with Argentina (1-1), and then lost twice: 3-4 to New Zealand and 0-3 to India. It turns out that Spain, like Japan, in order to count on the playoffs, you only need to win in the remaining two games, however, even this does not guarantee a place in the top 4. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Japan has won in one of the last five matches;
  • Spain has not won for five matches;
  • Spain is the favorite of the confrontation.


The match of life for both teams, because a defeat is equal to an early departure from the Olympics. What is also interesting, a draw will also not suit either side, so both will be aimed at attacking. Taking into account the current prospects, I believe that the meeting will be productive, so you need to use this and put more than 3.5 on the total.