Ludovit Klein and Nate Landwehr will come face to face in one of the matches of the UFC Fight Night 195. On whose side will the victory be in this confrontation? Our sports portal gives a forecast for this meeting.

Ludovit Klein (Slovakia)

26-year-old Slovak athlete Ludovit Klein has been professionally in MMA since 2014. He is considered a balanced fighter, able to fight without problems in the rack and in the stalls. At UFC on ESPN, Klein lost to Michael Trizano by decision of the judges. With this failure, he interrupted his eight-match winning streak. Ludovit managed to beat such fighters as Shane Young, Lukasz Sayewski, Arbi Mezhidov, Kamil Selva and Krzysztof Klacek. The last two were outplayed by knockout.

Nate Landwehr (USA)

33-year-old American athlete Nate Landwehr began his professional career back in 2012. He feels great in the rack and constantly presses his rivals, looking for an opportunity to defeat them in advance. Under the auspices of the UFC, he managed to win against Darren Elkins by decision of the judges. Besides, he lost twice. I found a scythe on a stone in meetings with Herbert Burns (knockout) and Julian Erose (technical knockout). As we can see, so far he is far from all right in the elite division.


Klein is the favorite of the meeting, and this is quite reasonable. The American does not act in the best way in the elite division. In the upcoming meeting, he will also not be able to defeat the opponent. Individually, the Slovak is superior to the opponent in all respects.