The third most important fight of UFC 262 will be a meeting of the top representatives of the women's lightest weight-Kathleen Chakagyan and Vivian Araujo. Which of the opponents will get the victory in this meeting? Our sports portal gives a forecast for this fight.

Kathleen Chukagyan (USA)

The American athlete came to mixed martial arts from karate and kickboxing. Over time, the base of her skills was supplemented by BZHJ, where at the moment Kathleen has a brown belt. Despite all this, the girl fights well. She may not be a master submishen, but in terms of control on earth, she is fine. Chukagyan always maintains a high tempo of the fight, throws a lot of accentuated punches, but rarely finishes his opponents. Only 20% of the wins are early. In 2016, she managed to win two CFFC titles at once. Moving to the UFC, she defeated such rivals as Antonina Shevchenko, Cynthia Calvio, Jennifer Maya and many others.

Vivian Araujo (Brazil)

The Brazilian has been studying BZHJ since school, where she has long been awarded a black belt. It should be noted that in the last few years, the South American has seriously improved in her striking technique, as evidenced by her winning statistics. As many as 70% of the fights involving Araujo did not reach the final gong. The fact is that Vivian knocked out her opponents 3 times and subdued them 4 times. Over the years, Vivian has only gotten better, and her recent fights are direct proof of that. Vivian charges hard, and skillfully combines this with zero-stage work, which makes Araujo unpredictable.


I would recommend placing a bet on Araujo. You never know what to expect from this athlete. Now is the best time for it to take off, and winning for a quote that exceeds 2 only fuels interest in the event.