On May 16, UFC 262 will take place at the UFC APEX Arena in Los Angeles. The co-main event of the evening will feature a duel between Tony Ferguson and Beneel Darush. Which side will win?

Tony Ferguson (USA)

The former interim UFC lightweight champion is having a rough time of it. The American could not win a full belt, and in the last meetings he was completely defeated. 2020 was the most disastrous year for Tony. First in May, he lost to Gatji, then in December, he lost to Oliveira by unanimous decision. The last victory of the American dates back to 2019. He then defeated Donald Cerrone in the second round. Since it was cut off. Most often he won in MMA by knockouts-12 times. He also has 8 subs and 5 referees ' decisions to his credit.

Beneel Darush (USA)

A couple of years ago, no one could have thought that an Iranian fighter could become one of the contenders for the championship belt. He lost to anyone, but now the American was able to transform. He's on a six-game winning streak. The last time he fought with Diego Ferreira, whom he defeated by a split decision. If he can beat Tony Ferguson on May 16, he will be the main contender for the championship fight.


For Tony, this fight will be the last chance to enter the number of contenders. If he loses again, he will seriously lose in the ranking. Given the current UFC policy, he may be fired altogether. I will not take any risks, and I will trust my intuition, believing that the outcome of the confrontation will be decided by the judges ' decision.