SKA will face off against Avtomobilist in a friendly match. On whose side will luck turn out to be?


The upcoming match will be the second for the Army team at the current preparatory training camp, and in the first they played with Sochi and achieved a confident victory with a score of 3-0. In the first period there were no effective shots, and already in the second the ice started moving. In the middle of the second 20 minutes, Marchenko scored, Ozhiganov realized the majority in the end, and at the end of the third period, Kempainen put a point in the match. 


Avtomobilist has already managed to hold one test match, and also completed it in its favor, but it failed to limit itself to three main periods, it was necessary to postpone the showdown with Sochi to overtime, where it was possible to score the winning goal - Makeev scored a minute and 25 seconds later. In the main time, the teams played 2-2: in the second period, Yaks scored for Sochi, Shumakov equalized for the first time in the third, then Alexandrov again returned the lead to Sochi, but Khripunov again established parity. 

Statistics and figures:

  • SKA played one test match and won 3-0 against Sochi";
  • Avtomobilist beat Sochi 3-2, scoring the winning goal in overtime;
  • SKA won against Avtomobilist in the previous three matches. 


SKA and Avtomobilist are just starting to get into shape, so it is difficult to predict the outcome of the upcoming match, starting from one game. However, I will still vote in favor of the" army men", who looked very good in the debut game of the season, and the speeds were good, but the" Motorist " is still weaker, and the team game is worse, and the dynamics are inferior.