In the test match, France and Poland will meet. We analyze the match and give a forecast. 


The French national team has not yet reached the peak of form, putting a lot of effort to win, and even in confrontations with opponents who are inferior in class. A striking example is the extreme match of the French against Romania. France approached the match in the status of a clear favorite, but the victory was modest, only with the score 3-2, and the winning goal was scored only in the middle of the third period. 


The Poles started this year with four wins in a row, but they could not bring it to the fifth anniversary. In the match before last, it was clear that Poland is still damp, the game understanding is at a low level, which led to a victory over the Ukrainian national team only in overtime. And in the next match, the first defeat happened-2: 3 from Austria. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Poles missed the decisive third goal in 2 minutes and 19 seconds before the end of the third period, and even in the majority. 

Statistics and figures:

  • France have won two out of three games;
  • Poland lost in one match out of five;
  • Poland beat France in five extreme head-to-head confrontations. 


Both teams perform well in attack, but poorly in their possession. The extreme matches of France and Poland were unconvincing, the second lost completely, so in the reporting battle, each side will try to achieve a positive result, and in a confident way.