Ukraine will play a friendly match with Romania. We analyze the form of the teams and give a forecast. 


In the first friendly match of this year, the Ukrainian national team performed very well. Her opponent was the Polish national team, which approached the match in the status of a clear favorite of the meeting, and the Ukrainians were credited with a major loss. However, in fact, everything turned out differently: by the middle of the second period, Ukraine was losing 0-2, but Deniskin's efforts were able to reduce the gap in the score, although at the second break she still left with a gap of two goals. In the third 20 minutes, the Ukrainians ran over the Poles, managing to establish a balance in the score. It came to overtime, where Poland still snatched the victory. 


Something similar was observed in the control match with the participation of the Romanian national team, which was opposed by the French. It was the French national team that, according to bookmakers, should have won, and without options, its success in the main time was given a ridiculous coefficient-1.10, but the Romanians balked, forcing France to work hard to get Victoria. After the first period, France won 1-2, after the second, the score on the scoreboard was 2-2, and in the end, the meeting recorded a defeat to Romania with a result of 2-3, which looks very decent, especially considering that it was predicted to be all 4-0 and 5-0, or even more. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Ukraine in the first match of this year lost to Poland in overtime (3-4);
  • Romania in the opening game of the year minimally lost to France (2-3);
  • Ukraine and Romania have met each other 16 times: 14 wins for Ukraine and 2 for Romania. 


Both teams played very well in the opening matches of 2021, having managed to put up a serious resistance to opponents who surpass them in class. I believe that in the reporting battle, the teams will also fight to the limit of their capabilities and will do everything to achieve a positive result. I bet on the total of pucks more than 4.5 for 1.60.