Austria and Poland will meet in a friendly match. Whose side will the luck be on?


In the upcoming match, the Austrian national team will try to return to the winning path and break the series of defeats, which includes six matches. The only victory the Austrians got in the debut test match of 2021, in which they coped with Hungary (1-0). After that, only losses, with the last three coming from Slovakia - 1:3, 0:2, 1:3. Austria was also upset by Belarus (5-1) and the Czech Republic (5-0 and 7-2). 


And the Poles have the opposite situation: they win almost every match, and defeats are extremely rare. This year, Poland did not lose at all, having held three friendly matches. In each of them, one goal was conceded, but in response, the opponents received a whole bag - Estonia was defeated 6:1, Lithuania 8: 1 and Latvia 4: 1 under 23. Last year, Poland also did not sit idly by, taking part in four friendly games, but it did not work out with positive results: 3 defeats with one victory. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Austria have lost in six of their last seven matches;
  • Poland has not lost yet this year: 3 matches, 3 wins;
  • In the two extreme head-to-head matches, Austria won, and "dry" - 11: 0 and 2: 0. 


Poland is now much stronger than Austria, so it must win and break the scoring drought in the face-to-face battles. I bet on Victoria Poles with a handicap of -1.5.