Russia will play Slovenia in the group stage of the 2021 World Cup. Will the Russians be able to extend the winning streak?


The Russian national team is still confidently performing at the 2021 World Cup, without allowing a single misfire. At first, the Russians left no chance for Cameroon (40-18), then they coped with Poland (26-23) in a difficult match, and in the previous match they were able to defeat Serbia, scoring 32 times with 22 missed. On the eve of the match with Slovenia, the Russian national team is in second place in Group 1, sharing first place with France.


But the Slovenian national team managed to taste all possible outcomes, as a result of which it occupies the third place in Group 1. Slovenia opened the 2021 World Cup with a convincing victory over Montenegro (28-18), and after that could not achieve a positive result in the next two matches. In the second, she lost to France (18-29), and in the third, she parted in peace with Angola (25-25). In general, Slovenia rarely wins, and the success in the match against Montenegro is the only one in the previous six games. 

Statistics and figures:

  • Russia won all three matches;
  • Slovenia has won one of the last six matches;
  • Russia approaches the match in the status of the favorite.


The Russians perform very convincingly and with a margin, winning victory after victory. Unstable Slovenia should not be a problem for our national team.