On December 8, the match of the last round of the Champions League group stage will take place, in which the German "Bayern" will play at home with the Spanish "Barcelona". The forecast for this match is given by the famous commentator Alexey Andronov.

In Group E, no one was able to compete with Bayern on the tournament path. Only in one match, the Munich team could not win big, having achieved a minimal advantage in Kiev over Dynamo in bad frosty weather with snowfall. But at home, Julian Nagelsmann's team has to show a different game.

Barcelona is still far from recovery – there are still a lot of problems in the club and the team. Last weekend, the Catalans lost at home to Betis (0:1), remaining in seventh place in the La Liga standings, while Bayern are in a great mood, having won a key match against Borussia Dortmund (3:2). It seems that this season the Bavarians will again take the Bundesliga title without any problems.

Bayern have certain personnel problems, but Alexey Andronov is still confident in the victory of the German team, which has enough ammunition to sort out the problematic Barcelona on its field. Munich's tournament motivation can be found in the fact that they have the opportunity to finish the tournament with a maximum of 18 points. The expert's confidence in passing this bet is 8/10.