On June 16, the match in the framework of the European Football Championship 2020 between the national teams of Finland and Russia will take place. We offer you a forecast for this meeting.


The first match of the Finnish national team at a major football tournament ended with a sensational victory over Denmark. The Finns hit only one shot on target, which became a goal. However, we remember that in that game there was just a terrifying episode when Christian Eriksen fell unconscious, and the doctors fought for his life. Nothing much was expected from the Finns at this tournament, so there is no burden of responsibility on them.


But in Russia there is, and very, very significant. Yes, in the match with Belgium, many fans expected defeat, but Finland can and should be fought. There are almost no star players in the Finnish national team, and their recent results do not inspire optimism. Stanislav Cherchesov in this game definitely should not be cautious, but produce the most attacking line-up and hope for victory. If it is not in this match, then you can almost put an end to the chances of reaching the playoffs.

Injuries and disqualifications:

Zhirkov, Kuzyaev – Russia.

Statistics and figures:

  • Finland won for the first time in seven matches;
  • Russia has only three wins in the last ten meetings;
  • In five head-to-head matches, Russia won four times, and Finland won once.


The main match for the Russian national team in the group stage. Only a victory will suit Stanislav Cherchesov's wards in this game. After the failure in the duel with Belgium, the Russians expect only one thing – victory. Although the Finns won their match against Denmark, they did it largely by accident. We believe that the Russians for the second home match will be charged to win and will definitely win.