In the second semi-final meeting of the Europa League, the main forces of "Roma" and "Manchester United"will clash. On whose side will the victory be in this confrontation?


Roma fans are somewhat confused. Last Thursday, the team of the Romans lost with a bang to Manchester United at Old Trafford (2-6), and just a few days later, the team announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho as head coach of Wolves. "Special" will return to Italy, but will work in the Rome team only from the next championship. But the remaining games of the Romans will be held under the leadership of Paulo Fonseca. In fact, the Roman team is already finishing the season, and the "wolves" have no goals left. Unless, a comeback in the second leg with " MU " will allow you to play in the final of the LCH, but this is already out of the realm of fiction.

Manchester United»

It is clear that Manchester United were already almost two legs into the final. It is difficult to imagine what Roma need to do in the second leg to reach the final match of the tournament. "Barcelona" once lacked three, but this is another case, and "Roma" now does not represent such a formidable force. In addition, Manchester United had enough time to recover, namely, a week. In the Premier League, the match with Liverpool was postponed due to protests from Red Devils fans. United have never lost in the current play-offs, and it doesn't look like they will lose this time.

Injuries and disqualifications:

Veretu (muscle injury), Zagnolo (knee), Calafiori (muscle injury), Cumbulla (hip), Lopez (shoulder), Pedro (muscle injury), Spinazzola (muscle injury), El Shaarawy (muscle injury)-all Roma. Jones (knee), Martial (knee) - both Manchester United.
Under question:
Lacazette (hip), Tierney (knee) - both Arsenal.

Statistics and figures:

  • Guests - favorites of the meeting;
  • "Roma" can not win in the last 6 matches;
  • "MU" has a 7-match series without defeats;
  • In the first match, the "red devils" defeated "Roma" with a score of 6: 2;
  • The visitors won against the Romans in the last 4 meetings.


Even with a strong desire, it will be difficult for Roma to show a good result. I bet that the guests will also show class in this match and will be able to leave their opponent without tournament points.