Tomsk and Krasnodar teams will play in the framework of the thirteenth round of the FNL.


Tomichi could not win for four rounds. After two defeats, "Tom" was as close to victory as ever. However, it is impossible to relax in a duel with Torpedo, even if you are leading 3: 1 half an hour before the end of the match. In the Siberian derby against Yenisei, a victory was finally achieved, albeit a minute before the end of the match. The decisive blow is on the account of Korzh.


The team from Krasnodar is firmly settled at the bottom of the standings. In the last round, Kuban received four " holes "from the"Torch". The Voronezh club has the era of a new renaissance, which cannot be said about the southerners. Back in the FNL-2?

Injuries and disqualifications:

Shalaev – "Kuban"
Polikutin – "Kuban"

Statistics and figures:

  • The teams will play each other for the first time.
  • Kuban has only one victory in the last six rounds, Tomi has two.
  • The teams are separated by six points and six positions in the standings.


It seems that both teams are not far from each other, but every defeat or draw of "Tom" was a battle, "Kuban" did not even impose a fight on the opponent. It seems that Tomichi will be able to score three points in their native walls, having a similar fighting character.