In the match of the 7th round of the Dutch championship, Sparta will host Cambyur. Who will be stronger in this confrontation?


"Sparta" does not lose for three rounds, having managed to score five points during this time. The winless streak began with a 3-1 victory over Fortuna ,after which there were two draws-1: 1 with Nijmegen and 1: 1 with Zwolle. By the way, the extreme draw was a surprise, because "Zwolle" performs terribly at the start of the season and before the match with "Sparta" not only lost in all games, but also never scored. On the eve of the seventh round, Sparta has six points and occupies the eleventh place. 


Things are gradually getting better for Cambyur, which, after being promoted in the class, lost in two rounds in a row, and then began to gain points, having won three victories in four rounds. Among the defeated are "Twente" (2-0), " Go Ehead Eagles "(5-2) and "Heracles" (2-1). As for the defeat, it was inflicted by Ajax, who scored nine goals and did not concede once. At the moment, Cambyur is located near the European Cup zone, on the eighth line, with nine points. 

Injuries and disqualifications:

Begelsdijk (injury), Pintu (arm injury) - Sparta. Gullit (injury) - "Cambyur". 
Under question:
Schouten (injury) - "Cambyur". 

Statistics and figures:

  • Sparta has not lost for three matches;
  • Cambyur won in three of the previous four rounds;
  • Cambyur won against Sparta in one of the last six matches. 


Sparta has stopped losing, but it is unlikely that it will be able to extend the series in the confrontation with Cambyur, which has adapted to the elite division and found its game.