In one of the matches of the 6th round of the Dutch championship, Fortuna will host Ajax. Will the owners be able to resist?


Fortuna started the season very well, scoring four points in the opening two rounds. At first, the team from Sittard coped with "Twente", scoring two goals with one conceded, and then parted in peace with" Waalwijk " - 2: 2. But "Fortuna" could not continue the winless series, moreover, it suffered two consecutive defeats. In the third round, it was weaker than Sparta (1-3), and in the fourth it suffered a minimal defeat from Heerenveen (0-1). 


Ajax is approaching the upcoming match in a good mood, as for the first time in the season it has risen to the first line and is now the sole leader. And this was facilitated by their own victory over Cambyur with a score of 9-0, as well as an unexpected major defeat of PSV from Feyenoord with a score of 0-4. Now Ajax has four wins and a draw, which in total give 13 points. and PSV has four wins and a defeat - 12 points. 

Injuries and disqualifications:

Onana (disqualification) - Ajax. 
Semedu (ankle injury), Ferati (illness) - "Fortuna". Klayber (knee injury), Klassen (groin injury), Labiad (injury) - Ajax. 
Under question:
Stekelenburg (groin injury) - Ajax. 

Statistics and figures:

  • "Fortuna" won in one match out of four;
  • Ajax has not lost yet: 4 wins and a draw;
  • Ajax won against Fortuna in five previous battles. 


Ajax defeated Cambyur with a score of 9-0 in the last round and rose to the first place. In the reporting match, the Amsterdam club will make every effort to extend the winning march and at least maintain a one-point gap from PSV. "Fortuna" fights in every meeting, but it is unlikely to resist the overclocked Ajax.