In the first semi-final match, Cittadella and Monza will meet for promotion to Serie A. Who will be stronger in the first part of the confrontation? 


At the end of the regular season, the team took sixth place, so in the playoffs it was forced to start from the 1/4 finals stage. The opponents were "Brescia", which managed to overcome with a score of 1-0. Cittadella's only goal came at the end of the first half, in the 39th minute. In the second half, Cittadella did not stop attacking, but neither it nor Brescia managed to score. 


"Monza" is just starting to play in the playoffs, as after 38 rounds it was in third position and won the right to start in the elimination rounds from the semifinal stage. Overall, Monza came close to being promoted directly, but fell five points behind Salernitana, ending the regular season with a 0-2 loss to Brescia. 

Statistics and figures:

  • "Cittadella" has already passed the 1/4 final, beating 1-0 " Brescia";
  • Monza are just getting started in the playoffs;
  • During the regular season, Monza did not lose to Cittadella: a 2-1 win and a 0-0 draw. 


"Monza" performs more smoothly and has a better selection of performers. In the first match, it will be important to create an advantage before the return match. I bet on the individual total of "Monza" more than 1.