On May 9, there will be a match in the Italian Serie A between Juventus and AC Milan. The former football player of Spartak Moscow Maxim Kalinichenko offers his forecast for this match.

This match can be called the Italian clasico. In recent years, this game would be perceived as a meeting of the favorite of the championship, Juventus, and the club that is trying to get at least in the top 4, Milan. However, this season, the status of the teams has changed.

Although, if you take the situation in the table at the moment, then Juventus is usually ahead of Milan. But it does this only by additional indicators. Torino are on the third line, and Milan – on the fourth. By the way, both of them are ahead of Atalanta, which also has 69 points in the asset. A fantastic fight between so many clubs is going on in Serie A at the end of the season.

In this game, Kalinichenko believes that Juventus is now stronger than Milan, and the Turin club will win, and at least two goals.