In the next match of the Australian championship, Melbourne Victory will host MacArthur. Another draw for the guests?

Melbourne Victory"

Melbourne Victory have won two of their previous five games. If we talk about the fact that in the previous 14 games the number of victorias was the same, then we can say that the team is progressing. It is starting to get points at its own stadium, where Melbourne Victory beat Western Sydney Wanderers (5-4) in two extreme games and drew (1-1) with Central Coast Mariners. Melbourne continues to sit at the bottom of the table, finishing in the penultimate 11th place with 15 points. 


"MacArthur" remains in the playoff zone, but there are suspicions that this will not last long. First, he stopped winning - for five matches in a row, it is not possible to score a full three points. During this time, MacArthur lost twice and drew three times. Secondly, he has played 20 games, while the competitors have 18-19. If at the beginning of the season, McArthur won three away matches in a row, then recently the situation has changed: one victory in the last five rounds, one draw and three defeats.

Statistics and figures:

  • Melbourne Victory have scored four points in their previous two home games;
  • "MacArthur" does not win for 5 rounds;
  • Melbourne Victory and MacArthur have not met each other yet.


Both teams are going through hard times, but at least MacArthur is higher in the table and loses less often. I propose to play the victory of "MacArthur" with a handicap of 0. It is unlikely that he will lose to the crisis-ridden "Melbourne", which only periodically shows signs of life.