Gambit Esports and Fnatic will come face to face in the next match of the first round of the IEM Winter 2021 group stage. Will the Swedes be able to extend the winning streak?

Gambit Esports

"Gambits" occupy the fourth place in the world ranking, although a couple of months ago they were confidently located on the second line, second only to Natus Vincere. But several negative speeches led to a deterioration of the situation. Before the start of IEM Winter 2021, the guys from Gambit Esports performed at the V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 tournament, where they lost to Fiend (9-16) in the first match, and then won four victories in a row, and took first place. 


If we evaluate the teams based on their results over the past month and a half, Fnatic is the best, as it won twelve matches in a row, managing to cope with the closed qualifiers IEM Winter 2021 Europe and DreamHack Open November 2021, and also won two tournaments - DreamHack Open November 2021, taking all four matches and not giving away a single card, and REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 - four wins in four games with a ratio of won and lost cards 8:1. 


"Gambits" did not fall below 3-4 places in the previous four tournaments, and in two they won at all. But the Fnatics perform even better, having a winning streak of 12 games and two tournaments won. One of the most interesting matches of the first round, in which the fight should be as equal as possible.