At the start of the major in Stockholm, Astralis will play with their compatriots from the Copenhagen Flames team.


Three - time winners of the main trophy in CS:GO has not shown a stable game for a long time. This, of course, is actively promoted by regular permutations in the compositions. It is clear that many players are tired of the monotonous situation, and yet the peak of the best form has also passed for many. Nevertheless, Astralis are once again playing at the most important tournament in the world, Counter Strike, and therefore they must show from the first match that they are still a very formidable opponent at the LAN tournament.

Copenhagen Flames

But this Danish team pleasantly surprised many with its game. We can say that this team managed to gather good players who are a fusion of youth and experience, exactly by the standards of Counter Strike. This composition was consolidated by a very good coach from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pita, who will not go to the "raw" or to the project for "one day". As a result, the team's exit from Copenhagen to the Major should not be a big sensation. At the same time, it is difficult to say how the guys will behave at the LAN tournament. Considering that due to world problems, there have been significantly fewer such tournaments lately.

Astralis and Copenhagen Flames did not play in official matches between each other. But at the same time, all the players know each other well and of course it will not be too difficult to disassemble the opponent.


Astralis, due to their greater experience at large tournaments, are the favorite of this match, Copenhagen Flames can beat a more status opponent in a BO1 match only due to a very competent card peak, but it is almost unbelievable.