Team Spirit will compete with Gambit Esports for the second victory in the tournament. Who will be stronger?

Team Spirit

The Spiritists aim to enter the top ten teams in the world, being located in the 12th position. In their first match at the tournament, the Dragons faced a mix called bankaPEPSI. Of course, Team Spirit was only expected to win, and it was easy and fast. In general, this is what happened. For two cards, bankaPEPSI was able to take 15 rounds. On Inferno, which she herself had won, she lost 8-16, and on Dast 2 she lost 7-16. 

Gambit Esports

The best team in the world had a very hard time in the previous match, in which there was a high probability that the shooters from Akuma would take the first card, which was a Mirage. The main 30 rounds of the strongest were not revealed, we had to sort things out in overtimes, in which the "Gambits" were crushed. The overall result was 25-23, after which, already on its Vertigo, the Top-1 team dismantled the opponent for parts, defeating him with a score of 16-4. 


Of course, the central confrontation of the second round of EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, after which the winner will be one step away from leaving the group, and the loser will hold at least two matches. I bet that the "Spirit" and "Gambit" will not be limited to two cards.