In the second match of the 1/4 finals of Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4, Team Dignitas and INDE IRAE will meet. Who will get a ticket to the semifinals?

Team Dignitas

As part of the 1/8 finals of Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4, the Swedish team fought Eternal Fire and did not do without problems, winning due to a successful game in the decisive rounds. First, I won on the opponent's card - 19:16 on Vertigo, and then, not without difficulty, I took my card - 16:9 Nyuk. At the previous tournament, Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 4, the Swedes took 5-8 places, losing in the quarterfinals of Nemiga (1-2), and this result was the best in the last month. 


INDE IRAE is gaining form only during the tournament, approaching the reporting confrontation with a 3-match winning streak within the Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4. The Russians started from the first stage, where they alternately beat Apeks Rebels and ECLOT 2-1. But the match of the 1/8 finals was won more confidently - 2:0 against AGO. If the Poles were able to resist on their choice, losing only in the extra rounds - 16:19 on Inferno, then there was no fight at the peak of INDE IRAE - 16:6 on Nyuk in favor of the team from Russia. 


After the first match of INDE IRAE, it seemed that she would not be able to go far, as she played, to put it mildly, poorly. But in each subsequent game she added, offering new tactics, as well as making fewer and fewer mistakes. Team Dignitas, on the other hand, plays at the same level - on average, practically not standing out with new ideas. INDE IRAE must win by making it to the semifinals.