The program of the 1/4 finals of Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4 will be opened by the confrontation of BLINK and ECSTATIC. Who will pass next?


In the 1/8 finals, BLINK performed very confidently, leaving no chance of success to the rivals from Budapest Five. At first, the Albanian team won 16-10 at the Mirage, and then achieved a very prestigious achievement, closing the opponent on Dast 2 with a score of 16-0. Interestingly, the arrows from Budapest Five peeped at exactly 2, but they were absolutely not ready for such a powerful rebuff. In parallel, BLINK performs at ESEA Premier Season 39 Europe, where he has a 4-match winning streak. 


But at the last stage, everything turned out not so smoothly for ECSTATIC, because Nemiga's opponent put up serious resistance, winning on the first map (16-3 on the Overpass), but failed to develop success, losing 16-19 on Inferno, and then 6-16 on Vertigo. At the two previous tournaments, the Danes performed very confidently, managing to win one of them. Pinnacle Fall Series 3 turned out to be victorious, but at Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 4 we had to settle for second place. 


One of the most interesting pairs of the 1/4 finals, since the teams are approximately equal, and lately they often get to the decisive stages, and ECSTATIC also wins. I don't think the game will end after the second card.