ECSTATIC and Nemiga will meet in the 1/8 finals of Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4. Who will pass on?


The 21st team of the world ranking is approaching the reporting confrontation with a 5-match winning streak, which it intends to develop. In parallel, ECSTATIC performs at Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 4, where it will have a final match against K23. Before that, the Danes successfully performed at Pinnacle Fall Series 3, winning seven victories in eight games, and taking first place. The upcoming Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4 game will be ECSTATIC's first in the tournament. 


But Nemiga started performing at Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4 much earlier, from the first stage, in which she played two matches. In the first I beat Astralis Talent 2-0, and in the second I coped with cowana, and also on two cards. The last tournament of the guys from Nemiga was Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 4, where they reached the semifinals, and there they were defeated by an opponent in this match with a score of 0-2.


The other day ECSTATIC beat Nemiga with a score of 2-0, it is unlikely that the balance of power will change significantly in such a short time.