Marlian will play GROND in the 3rd round of the EPIC League CIS 2021. Who will leave the tournament?


In the first match, the Ukrainian team was able to take one card from Trident, winning 16-6 on Nuke. However, she lost 8-16 on the Train and even more heavily on the Overpass, which became a decider (4-16). In the second match, the Marlian shooters lost again, this time with an even bigger defeat: 2-0 on the cards to the K23 team - 5:16 on the Mirage and 6:16 on the Inferno. Now the Ukrainian team is in a dangerous position - each subsequent defeat is equal to the relegation from the tournament. 


Even worse was the Russian team GROND, which also lost in the two opening matches, but did not take a single card. In the opening round, the GROND shooters were defeated 0-2 by Natus Vincere (Dast 2-10: 16 and Mirage 3: 16), and in the second round they were weaker than the Akuma team (9-16 on Mirage and 10-16 on Dast 2). As you can see, the Grondas are most fond of the cards Dast 2 and Mirage, which played in previous games, but could not achieve a positive result. Now the situation must be changed without fail, otherwise we will have to say goodbye to EPIC League CIS 2021.


Whoever loses is eliminated from the tournament. Therefore, the battle should be fierce and close, which increases the probability of three cards, which I propose to bet on.