Will close the program of the first round of the lower grid FLASHPOINT 3 confrontation between NiP and HYENAS. Who will continue on to the trophy?


In the previous match, device made his debut for the Swedish team, but the debut was not the best and most pleasant. The opponents were the Polish band Anonymo. On the first map, "ninja in pajamas" won-16: 3 on the Overpass, literally without feeling the enemy. And on the next two, the situation changed dramatically: defeats 13-16 at Nyuk and 17-19 at Mirage. After that, a bunch of unflattering words flew to the organizers of the Flashpoint from the NiP players, including from device, who said that they asked for a server change, as they were faced with a slow gameplay (quality dropped, lags were observed, grenades were taken for 30-40 seconds), but they were not heard. Moreover, even the Poles were not against changing the server, but everything remained unchanged. 


The Danish five upset in the opening match of the tournament, losing 0-2 to FunPlus Phoenix. Moreover, it is not the fact of defeat that is upsetting, but the level of the game - Kjaerbye and teammates looked too weak, losing first on Vertigo, which they themselves made a peep-11: 16, and then Inferno, and big-6: 16. One of the reasons for the defeat is that the guys were without game practice for a long time, and then immediately a serious tournament, where there are no passable opponents, everyone can resist and win, which the "Phoenixes" proved. 


Judging by the performance of the teams in the first round, the "NPCs" looked more interesting and closer, even though their composition in the official game for the first time appeared device. If you believe that the Swedes had huge difficulties with the game process-it slowed down and hung up, then they performed very powerfully in such terrible conditions, and now that everything is working properly, even more so they should win, especially against the team, which has yet to establish game connections and communication.