forZe will play Nemiga in the second round match of the EPIC League CIS 2021. Who will be stronger?


"Forza" in the opening match of the tournament did not notice the team IN. GAME, which was defeated on both maps. First, we achieved Victoria with a score of 16-6 on the Mirage, and then we took the opponent's peak-Will give 2, 16:7. Before the start of the match, many were sure that IN.GAME will lose, but will take about 20 rounds, but in fact it turned out differently. The team on each of the cards lost the first side 5-10, and then took 1 and 2 rounds, respectively, giving 6 each. 


But the Belarusians in the first meeting faced serious resistance, which was provided by the shooters from the 1WIN team. If a win on the opponent's chosen Nyuk 19-16 is normal, then a loss at its peak-13: 16 on Stage 2, raises a lot of questions. By the way, on the desider, the Belarusians gathered again and gave out a confident attack on Vertigo, winning 10-5, and then played reliably in defense, getting the necessary six rounds. 


"Forza" won more confidently, but they also had a simpler opponent, and Nemiga in its battle showed that it has character and is able to turn the course of poorly formed games. I think that in the upcoming match, the team from Belarus should definitely not lose 2-0.