Astralis Talent will play Tricked in the second round match of Group B as part of BLAST Rising 2021. Who will win the first victory, and who will leave the tournament?

Astralis Talent

The talents from Astralis already had to pass a difficult test in the first round of the group stage, fighting with the Polish team AGO. At their peak, the Danes looked too weak, taking only 8 rounds on the Vertigo map. The Hawks played an almost flawless defense, winning 12-3, and scored the necessary four rounds on offense. At Nyuk, the guys from Astralis Talent performed much better and even claimed victory, but they did not cope with the additional rounds, losing 0-4, and the total score of the card was 19: 15. 


With the defeat, the group stage began and another Danish team-Tricked. She was the favorite in the confrontation with Galaxy Racer, but once again I had to make sure that the quotes do not mean anything. The Tricked shooters were defeated at the Swedes ' choice-6: 16 on the Overpass, and then lost at their peak-13: 16 on the Train. It is worth noting that for the side of the attack on the "Trains", the Danes looked convincing, achieving victory with a score of 10-5, but in defense they arranged a passing yard, losing 3-11. 


In the first matches, both teams did not impress, but the Danish team Tricked was more competitive, which at least at its peak managed to impose a fight, and Astralis Talent did not succeed. I bet on the victory of the more experienced and masterful Tricked, who will surely work on the mistakes and will be able to play reliably for both sides on their choice.