Alke will face off against Kanga in the ESEA Premier Season 39 Australia group stage match. We analyze the form of the teams and give a forecast. 


Alke lost its chances of reaching the playoffs, suffering five defeats in six games. However, he still retains tournament motivation, fighting for the sixth place. At the moment, Alke has three points, with which it is on the seventh line, three points ahead of the Lese Esports team behind. If Alke wins in the reported confrontation, it will definitely not take the last eighth place, and will also significantly increase the chances of the final sixth. 


The Kanga team is in the same situation, which managed to win only one game out of six, coping with Lese Esports (2-0) in the first round match. After that, she suffered three defeats by 0:2 from LookingForOrg, Paradox and 8Ballers, and also lost to The Big Dogs and Dynasty on three maps. Like Alke, Kanga will no longer be able to rise above the sixth line, but it can potentially fall to the last eighth, so it is necessary to win in the reporting confrontation.


Both teams need a win to secure sixth place before the final round. Defeat will not only deprive you of the opportunity to rise above the seventh line, but it can also lead to a fall to the eighth. The opponents are equal, and even motivated, so I suggest betting that they will not disperse after the second card.