In the next match of the ESEA Premier Season 39 Australia group stage, Lese Esports and Overt will meet. Who will be stronger?

Lese Esports

Lese Esports has lost its chances of reaching the playoffs, but still retains tournament motivation, trying to leave the last place. So far, attempts do not bring results, since there are not only victories in matches, but also on individual maps. After six games, Lese Esports has six losses, five of them with a score of 0-2, and another technical from LookingForOrg. Lese Esports will definitely not rise above the sixth place, but will try to finish in sixth or seventh place. 


The Overt team also started the group stage negatively, losing 0-2 to LookingForOrg and Paradox. And after the matches with the main favorites, she gathered and won four victories in a row, three of which were won with a score of 2-0, and also which allowed her to rise from the penultimate seventh place immediately to the third. Overt has gained good form and if it continues in the same spirit, it will easily enter the playoffs, and from third place, which seemed fantastic at the beginning of the tournament. 


Overt should not have any difficulties on any of the cards, of which there should be two, so Lese Esports is the weakest team of Group A, which is confirmed by the results.