Lese Esports will play with 8Ballers in the ESEA Premier Season 39 Australia group stage. Will Lese Esports be able to win the first victory?

Lese Esports

After five matches played, Lese Esports is the worst team not only of Group A, but also of the entire group stage, as it does not have a single victory, and has not even won a single card. The negative streak began with a defeat from Alke, and then gradually developed: 0-2 from Kanga and Paradox, as well as two technical losses - 0:1 each from Dynasty and LookingForOrg. It will not be possible to compete for the playoffs, but it is very possible to avoid relegation - the gap from the seventh position is equal to three points. 


It cannot be said that 8Ballers are doing great from the point of view of the tournament position, but the situation is rather positive. After five rounds, the shooters from 8Ballers have three wins, thanks to which they are located near the playoff zone, in fifth place. The Dynasty team is on the line above, which also has nine points, but it has an advantage due to the better difference between the rounds won and lost, and the 8Ballers team was stronger in the intramural game (2-0). 


It is unlikely that something unexpected will happen in this confrontation, since Lese Esports loses to everyone in a row, and even dry, and 8Ballers is a strong enough team that seriously claims to be in the playoffs.